I am a drummer, improvisor, instrument builder, and general musical DIYer. I channel my creative energy into self-producing, self-recording, and self-releasing original music and content. I also like cat videos, short walks on flat, paved surfaces and using two spaces after a period when I’m typing.__

In response to COVID and the continual downward spiral of the music industry, I am presently retooling my creative practice to focus on solo performance. I have spent the past year conceptualizing and creating audio applications for my portable-microchip-processor—computing box which serve to replace the human beings that someone like me usually finds himself playing with. I have created three so far. They are all named “Steve.” I like to think of it as a kind of dystopian take on the dehumanizing effects of robotic automation and the unrelenting mandate from the overlords of the capitalist death-cult to keep us all marching toward peak efficiency and maximum profit.

In addition to my shameless pursuit of self-interest, I continue to contribute to a variety of forward-thinking and extremely talented indie music collectives including: (current) ARP of the Covenant, Mantis, BANZÅT Trio, ASTRO, Marginalized & Whoopsy, (defunct) Ingo Bethke, Brenda and the Holsum Family Fiscal Planner, and About Ouch!.

I have also had the honor of performing alongside many iconoclastic musical innovators such as Henry Grimes, Anders Astrand, Thollem McDonas, Anthony Cox, Hanah Jon Taylor, and Anders Svanoe.

I have showcased my music at festivals and conferences such as The Heliotrope Festival, The Northern Spark Festival, The International Society for Improvised Music (ISIM), The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS), and The Spark Festival of Electronic Music.

I have completed commissions to create music for the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Black House Collective in Kansas City, MO.

In a former life I also taught in a variety of music schools, universities and community colleges and performed extensively in regional musical theatre productions and orchestral ensembles throughout the upper midwest… but that was killing my soul, so I quit doing that.

Currently, I spend my time at home with my family and I play music. I have no hobbies.